Helping Physios Improve Patient Adherence and Recovery 

Merlin Physio is a solution designed for physiotherapists and national health networks to support patient recovery and exercise regimes. It has been developed by experts in science, technology, medicine, and fitness.

With our innovative approach, the Merlin Physio mobile app and patient dashboard console for physiotherapists can be used in professional physiotherapy care.

The app, on android and iOS, is available for patients to use at home and/or in the physio center. The camera on the patient’s mobile device captures real-time movement and gives real-time visual and verbal feedback on posture and form.

Relevant data is relayed to the physiotherapist to monitor and provide further feedback.

App with Physiotherapy Exercises and Real-time Feedback

Virtual Physiotherapist for patients whenever they need
Provides real-time feedback on patient performance and posture
Monitors and measure activity using relevant data points for each exercise
Support and real-time feedback via the app to encourage and motivate patients
Improved motivation and completion of exercises by the patient

Daily Exercises

Rich Dashboard for Data Analysis and Patient Progress  

Rich data on multiple aspects of patient performance
Improved productivity for physiotherapists who are able to increase the volume of patients under their care
Lower costs of delivery for health services who have networks of physio clinics under their purview
Enables effective and safe functional recovery.

Future of Physiotherapy

Managing Health Pathways

The Merlin Physio health solution supports physiotherapists and care managers by providing real-time feedback on patient therapies and builds a rich database of health data points.  Both patients can learn to take responsibility for their health and well-being. Health professionals can encourage patients to take responsibility for their lifelong health.

Fit and Healthy

Patients and health staff can access a wide range of fitness and health exercises and workouts on the Merlin Physio App and record progress on form and posture to maintain and improve physical and mental well-being.

Early Intervention

Merlin Physio records all necessary health statistics, heart rate, calories burned, exercises performed, available for review by both trainers and patients. Warning signs are signalled to the patient, who is responsible for health management.


For those who have chronic health issues or are recovering from injuries, Merlin Physio provides exercises which can be carried out in the clinic or at home with real-time supervision and feedback recorded, and appropriate intervention taken.