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Real-time Physiotherapy Support

Merlin Physio is your trusted partner in improving health and well-being. 

Merlin Physio App’s Real-Time AI Feedback feature empowers you with the tools and guidance you need to take control of your physical health, recover from injuries, and stay on the path to wellness. 

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, recovering from an injury, or seeking long-term health solutions with your Physiotherapist, we have you covered.

Real-time Feedback

A.I. Real-time Feedback

Get real-time feedback during exercises. Immediate guidance helps you perform exercises correctly, reducing the risk of injury.

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We believe in the power of prevention. Our app equips you with the knowledge and strategies to avoid injuries and health issues before they occur.

About Merlin Physio

Expert Guidance

Access to expert physiotherapy advice and exercise programs, right at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere, to suit your schedule.

Why Merlin Physio

Having an approved Physio App from your Physiotherapist gives you the ability to work out whenever you have time.  Be safe in the knowledge that your Physio will be able to monitor your workouts and motivate you to quicker, better recovery.

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Personalized Physiotherapy

Merlin Physio appreciates that every patient is unique. Our solution tailors recommendations to your specific needs and goals.

About Merlin Physio

Expert Guidance

Backed by qualified, experienced physiotherapists, Merlin Physio is based on extensive testing and development for evidence-based solutions.

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Easy Integration

Use Merlin Physio to supplement your existing healthcare regimen or as your primary resource for recovery and management of health and fitness.

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