Comprehensive Solutions

Our app offers a wide range of tools and resources, from injury prevention to rehabilitation, ensuring you can meet the diverse needs of your patients.


Proactive Intervention

Merlin Physio empowers you to recommend proactive interventions to patients, promoting early intervention and minimizing the need for extensive therapy.

Collaborative Care

Seamlessly connect with your patients through the app, monitor their progress, and provide real-time guidance and support.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

Streamline your practice and reduce administrative burdens, allowing you to focus on patient care.

Why Merlin Physio

As a dedicated physiotherapist, you understand the importance of staying ahead in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape. Partnering with Merlin Physio offers you a range of benefits:

Enhance Patient Engagement

The Merlin Physio App isn’t just a tool for physiotherapists; it’s a platform that empowers patients to take an active role in their rehabilitation.
Encourage your patients to use the app to:

– Access their personalized exercise routines.
– Receive reminders and notifications to stay on track with their treatment plan.
– Communicate with you directly to ask questions and provide updates on their progress.
– Gain access to educational materials and resources to better understand their condition and treatment.

 Enhance Patient Management

Not Just a Tool but an AI-assisted Physiotherapy Platform

Merlin Physio empowers patients to take an active role in their rehabilitation. The Merlin Physio App helps patients in multiple ways:


Patients can personalize exercise workouts, and schedules to suit their lifestyle.


Receive reminders and notifications to stay on track with the treatment plan.


Physios can feedback  health status directly to their physio and provide updates on their progress.


Access to educational materials and resources to better understand conditions and treatment.

Key Features for Physiotherapists

Merlin Physio covers musculoskeletal injuries and recovery with your physiotherapist and the Merlin Physio AI support system.

We focus especially on Hip, Shoulder and Knee injuries with an ever-growing set of exercises to help recover from traumatic injuries.

Find our more in our Merlin Physio Exercises section.

Step Lunge with Shoulder Press
Side Lean Exercise

Remote Physiotherapy

Merlin Physio offers a comprehensive solution for remote physiotherapy, accessible to patients anywhere, even within the comfort of their own home.

Weighted Shoulder Press

AI Technology

Merlin Physio’s patented AI technologies provide real-time visual and verbal feedback. Get instant real-time feedback on your form and posture.

Banded Wall Climbs

Track and Measure

The app tracks key movements and body positions during physio exercises including multiple body points to measure rotation and degree of flexibility.

Side Lean Exercise

Real-time Reporting

Real-time visual and verbal prompts help patients to track progress and identify areas for improvement, enhancing engagement and adherence.

Weighted Shoulder Press


Notifications, emails, SMS, and patient alerts are integrated into the platform to provide feedback and encourage adherence to treatment plans.

Banded Wall Climbs


Gamification and reward systems keep patients motivated and committed to their rehabilitation regimen for optimal outcomes.

Side Lean Exercise

Data Sharing

Share data with the Merlin Physio Dashboard to referring physiotherapists or clinicians, facilitating responsive care and informed decision-making.

Weighted Shoulder Press

Optimize Time

The enhanced data-driven physiotherapy dashboard empowers clinicians to optimize their time effectively and deliver patient-centric care.

Banded Wall Climbs

Data Gathering/Insights

Automated data gathering and insight generation enhances both business and clinical effectiveness and educates patients.

Side Lean Exercise


Merlin Physio is designed to be inclusive, with multi-lingual support and accessibility features for visually impaired individuals.

Weighted Shoulder Press

Validated by Experts

Developed and validated by leading physiotherapists, Merlin Physio ensures that exercises are expertly designed for maximum benefit and correct form.

Banded Wall Climbs

Increase Reach

Elevate your rehabilitation practice with our powerful AI-assisted exercise prescription software, to meet the diverse needs of patients nearby.

Our Commitment to Quality

Maintaining the Highest Standards of Care

At Merlin Physio, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of care.

Our dashboard is designed in collaboration with experienced physiotherapists to ensure that it meets the unique needs of your practice.

By joining us, you become part of a network of professionals dedicated to improving patient care and promoting a proactive approach to health.

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Ready to transform your practice and enhance patient outcomes? 

Contact Merlin Physio today and experience the difference for yourself. Our team is here to support you every step of the way, from onboarding to ongoing assistance.

Empower your practice, stay at the forefront of physiotherapy, and provide your patients with the best care possible with Merlin Physio. Together, we can shape the future of physiotherapy and wellness.

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